You're the strong, silent type. Until someone asks your thoughts on Hemingway or nuclear disarmament, that is.

It's a wedding, so you're obliged to raise a glass of bubbly. but you'd rather be at home with a cup of coffee (black) and your hand-bound leather journal. 

You have important thoughts to record, after all.

You keep mental notes on every guest in the room, and you were the only one to notice the groom's accountant slip into the office moments before he was discovered stabbed with a high-dollar brass letter opener.

Much like everything else, you take your drinks seriously. Be careful with this one, though. it was hemingway's favorite. And you know how he ended up.

death in the afternoon


You're an Old Soul

1 1/2 oz absinthe
6 oz champagne

Mix absinthe and chilled champagne. Garnish with the tears of your bitter disappointment in the world around you.

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feeling like something a little different today?

Sweet tea old fashioned

Raspberry Gin and Tonic

The Pink

“I drink to make other people more interesting.” 

words to live by


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